London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 23 September 2014, CIPR - Training Workshops.

Hotline launches to help CIPR members with ethical dilemmas

Ethics is part of the definition of a professional person, that’s the view of Regulatory Consultant, Martin Horrox, who advises CIPR members on how best to comply with the Code

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#SummerofCPD sees record number of points logged

While August might have been a bit of a damp squib CIPR members have been taking advantage of the inclement weather and getting the CPD points flowing. The first ever


Communicating values across continents, an interview with GSK’s Janet Morgan

It can be a tricky business communicating to your organisation about overall strategy and values when the staff are all in the same building, let alone when your workforce numbers


Say yes to new things – lessons for the next generation from seasoned PR pros

PR is often perceived as a young person’s profession. With the seemingly constant march of technology it can often seem that the world has turned upside down and the younger

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