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  • Local shoppers are mobile focused

    Local shoppers are much more likely to buy from a mobile than from any other device. New research shows that when people are using the web to find a suitable supplier for their goods, the individuals using their mobile phone instead of a tablet or a PC are the ones most likely to make a purchase. Almost eight out of ten searches conducted for a local supplier on a mobile phone ended up in a purchase. However, on a PC only six out of ten searches lead to an actual sale. Tablets were half-way between these figures. Interestingly, even though

  • With Nomad, you’ll always find juice

    The bane of contemporary mobile life is your smartphone running out of juice sooner than you expect (what many would undoubtedly see as a classic ‘First World problem‘). It usually happens to me at a conference or other event when I’m using my device a lot for tweets and pics and sharing them online, and there’s no nearby power outlet; or, more typically, I don’t have a charging cable with me that I can plug into a PC’s USB port. So when the good folk at Nomad in California asked me if I’d like to try out their ChargeCard and

  • Graduating thoughts 0460f5a

    Due to finish my degree in Public Relations at the end of this term has recently got me thinking about the daunting task ahead of me of finding a job within the industry. As a student that didn’t do a placement year, this has undoubtedly at times made me even more worried about my strengths in employability. Then there’s the added confusion of where I could see myself living for the foreseeable future as a young professional applying for jobs in different cities. Before attending university in Leeds as a London girl, three years ago I could never see myself

  • CIPR International – our first 100 days

    Eva Maclaine by Eva Maclaine, CIPR International Chair, CIPR Fellow, an elected member of Council (the CIPR’s governing body) and a 2014 Board Member On Friday 25 April we are running our first webinar with 2014 CIPR President Stephen Waddington, called “My First 100 Days”. So we thought it might be a good time for you all to hear a little about our first 100 days at CIPR International (CIPRI). Whilst Stephen has been prolific in his activities, we have also not rested on our laurels and, so far, we have had a great 2014. Much has been due to