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  • What is your political IQ?

    Many people think they are political experts, particularly at senior levels within organisations. For them, political intelligence goes hand-in-hand with business intelligence and leadership skills. This is, though, often far from the case. There are many dimensions to political intelligence. Knowing a few well-placed politicians or having visited Downing Street is only part of what makes up a political IQ. Political intelligence is built up through time and experience and has a number of attributes. For those new to public affairs, the aim of any role you have should consider these attributes and help you to develop them over time.

  • The 10-point communications end-of-year checklist

    With Christmas almost upon us you may be looking forward to a well-earned rest. But before you step in to a seasonal booze-fuelled stupor, consider what you can do during this quiet time at work to give your life in communications a boost. Whether you’re working in-house, agency-side or freelance, any of the tasks in my end-of-year communications checklist below could help make better use of your time, and make you better prepared for 2015. Celebrate what your organisation achieved in 2014 Summarise and remind your employees what your organisation achieved over the last year. It’s a good way of

  • A guide to using social media in 2015

    Heather Yaxley who leads our Social Media and Digital Communication Certificate gives us some food for thought on using social media in the year ahead…..   Read Original Post

  • Mobiles will Combine New Human Interface Advances

    The introduction of progressive smartphone designs have truly been a game changer in consumer electronics — essentially re-imagining the user interface (UI) on a hand-held device. Meanwhile, user expectations have been elevated, as these devices are applied in a broader range of use-cases. The result is that mobile handset manufacturers have had to innovate and explore new modes of interactive device control that enable users to operate a handset without having to touch it directly. It’s anticipated that by 2019 the global market for services based on gesture and biometric interface technologies will be worth an estimated $1.2 billion, that’s