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  • 1 Essential word your marketing needs, plus 1 you MUST avoid!

    Here’s a quick tip, to improve the effectiveness of your marketing. It’s all about a word you use, which is negatively impacting how people feel about your business. That word is… change! People are hard-wired to fear change. We know that change, good or bad, is a source of stress. Even something as positive as the change that comes from getting married, buying a new home or setting off for a week in the sun, is a cause of stress. Because of the negative way people feel when confronted with change, it makes sense to remove the word from your

  • CIPR Fellows’ lunch: Rediscovering our vision and purpose, and a proposal for a College of Fellows

    This is a speech that I gave today at the annual CIPR Fellows lunch at the House of Lords in my role as President of the CIPR. It spotlights the progress that the CIPR has made this year and a… Continue Reading → Read Original Post

  • Brand, PR, non-profits, and responsiveness – Q&A by Phillip Casey

    Having put my two penn’orth out there over the years I’m occasionally approached by students at this dissertation time of year. This week, Phillip Casey and I struck up conversation on Twitter. Phillip is a post-graduate student undertaking the MA in Media and Public Relations at Newcastle University (pictured) and his dissertation is titled Brand Image: PR in the UK non-profit healthcare sector. Phillip Casey I enjoyed responding to Phillip’s questions, so, with his permission, I thought I’d make our Q&A public here. (It migrated to email in case you were wondering about a 140 character count.) Where a reference

  • The Health Club That Tells Its Story by Exercising an Attitude

    I’ve been a member of health clubs in four cities where I’ve lived: New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and now in the Boston suburbs. In each location, my decision to join a club was spontaneous. I’d think, “Oh, shoot. It’s mid-December and my New Year’s resolution is to get fit, so I need to join a gym.” (That’s exactly what happened when I lived in New York City.) Or several years ago when I decided to swim a day or two per week to keep in shape for surfing, I decided to join a club with an indoor pool. I