The importance of mentoring to gender diversity in PR

On the surface it might not look like PR has a problem with gender diversity. After all, there is not a shortage of women in the industry yet this number


Social media impacts operational response – Don’t just wait for something to happen

As the Head of News for the Metropolitan Police during the 7/7 terrorist attacks on London Chris Webb has some rare experience in the handling of crisis communications. Ten years


PR driving the creative economy in the South West

Public Relations is playing an important part in developing the economy of Cornwall as the region becomes a hub for creative industries. Whether it’s artists taking up residence in St

Zoe Clapp2

A campaign must have total certainty about its audience – do your research!

Zoe Clapp is the Director of Communications for UKTV, the company behind a number of TV channels including Dave, Watch and Gold. Earlier this year UKTV ran the highly successful

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