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  • The secret to marketing that spreads AND sells!

    I have a very effective marketing idea to share with you today. You’re going to love this! I’m going to show you how to create marketing, which people will value and that’s powerful enough to inspire them to hire you or buy from you. It’s based on the work I do with my clients and includes a brief case study, which you can learn from. So, let’s get started. Receiving or paying attention? It starts with understanding that there’s a huge difference between someone receiving your message and someone paying attention to it. For example, TV viewers are sent targeted

  • A New Era for Search: The Zero Moment of Truth is Now Defined by Shared Customer Experiences

    This is the story of when ZMOT met UMOT… Search is a natural step in the discovery process. In a web world, search engines offer a lens into a qualified and structured view to help online consumers focus and make informed decisions. With Google dominating search, marketers concentrated on improving search ranking through tried and true techniques to ensure that what they were marketing earned a coveted position in the likely search results a customer might consider clicking. Search is only part of the story now. The experiences that people have and in turn share is created a powerful collective

  • Handy tips for politicians from a guide to dealing with customer complaints

    The Rubuss Guide to responding to customer complaints (embedded below) contains plenty of advice which is also relevant to MPs, their staff, councillors and others responding to communications from the public. Point 1 is especially relevant – my heart sinks each time I see a letter that is meant for the public written as if the recipient will already be a true believer who is up with all the latest jargon. Writing not only clearly, but writing persuasively, is the way to go. Jargon doesn’t explain things and hectoring or ignoring their points doesn’t persuade. If you want to persuade someone

  • Walker’s Crisps Tweet to Eat Vending machine stunt (video)

    Here’s a nice little vending machine stunt by Walkers Crisps. It transformed two bus shelters along London’s Oxford Street and one in Clapham Junction into interactive Twitter-activated vending machines. You know how I love stuff in the social world that affects things in the real world and this is one of these. The machine has Gary Lineker trapped inside, via a screen that looks very realistic. All people had to do was tweet a unique hashtag to the Walkers bus stop machine to let him know that they wanted to try some of his crisps, and watch as he drops