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  • SOCIAL CONTENT: Are You Getting the Balance Right?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for comms planning and having a purpose. If the aim is to do something then it makes sense to have your comms pointing at that. The only thing is that social media isn’t like that. It’s social. So, a stream of call-to-action updates just won’t work. It’s as social as a stream of flyers being pushed through your letterbox. So, what’s the answer? There needs to be a balance of the social and the stuff you want people to sign up for, buy or do. Often in training I’ll refer to an 80-20 split.

  • Are you a social media monitoring supplier? We want your input!

    One of the most popular documents published by the CIPR’s Social Media Panel in 2013 was its Guide to Social Media Monitoring. CIPR Guide to Social Media Monitoring from Chartered Institute of Public Relations A small team on the Panel is currently revising and updating the Guide to ensure that it remains up-to-date and will continue to offer useful information and advice for CIPR members and PR practitioners alike. As part of this process, one key addition to the updated Guide will be the inclusion of a comparison table covering a much broader range of social media monitoring technology suppliers.

  • PR is the new SEO

    The latest of Google’s search algorithms seems to be the one causing the most headaches for SEO specialists, and this is because it focuses mostly on content rather than technical coding. This is an opportunity for PR specialists and copywriters, who are adept at developing key messages and writing audience-focused content. Who better to write fantastic keyword-focused web content? Not only can the PR professional create SEO efficient copy for your website they can also incorporate your keywords into your online and offline communications to create a truly integrated package to promote not only what your business is about but

  • Blogging for beginners: an ebook

    Caroline O’Doherty and I have collated our blog posts about blogging published over recent months into an ebook that we’re publishing today. It’s a guide to blogging for anyone wondering how to get started. The ebook follows the process of launching a blog from a blank sheet of paper to building and managing your own space on the Internet. It’s exactly how our project developed. I published an ebook called The Business of Blogging at the start of 2014 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the blog. More than 10,000 people have viewed the book in six months. It was a crowdsourced