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  • The Strategic Technology Trends for Smart Government

    The convergence of powerful forces — such as mobile devices, cloud services, big data and the internet of things — will drive new innovation within the government sector, according to the latest global market study by Gartner. Their analysts have highlighted the strategic technology trends for Smart Government projects. “Smart government integrates information, communication and operational technologies to planning, management and operations across multiple domains, process areas and jurisdictions to generate sustainable public value,” said Andrea Di Maio, managing vice president at Gartner. The key trends for smart government include: Mobile Citizen Engagement Several inquiries with Gartner government clients reveal

  • Doing the triple loop – profound leadership

    Drucker Peter F. Drucker asserted: “What’s measured improves.” I’m a sucker for measurement and organizational learning as you can see from the posts tagged as such here – perhaps it’s something to do with my engineering training. I advocate tapping extant business performance management process to effect the evolution towards social business (on this blog, on, on, in the Balanced Scorecard Report), and that means getting to grips with the Balanced Scorecard and similar approaches. The lexicon of performance management often involves so-called single-loop and double-loop learning, but a third loop gets less airtime in my experience. So

  • How to Update Your PR Strategy to Stop Publishing into the Digital Vacuum But Instead Generate Real Results for Your Clients

    PR used to be a lonely soul. It would perform tasks in isolation, diligently writing back slapping press releases to keep the boardroom happy. But times have changed. PR has since been brought in from the cold to work shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the marketing crew. Social media and modern content creation demands mean we all have to pull together to get the job done. The market tells you what to publish. You don’t tell it what it wants to hear Hot topics, trends and customer problems ebb and flow at rapid pace. News is commented on

  • Local shoppers are mobile focused

    Local shoppers are much more likely to buy from a mobile than from any other device. New research shows that when people are using the web to find a suitable supplier for their goods, the individuals using their mobile phone instead of a tablet or a PC are the ones most likely to make a purchase. Almost eight out of ten searches conducted for a local supplier on a mobile phone ended up in a purchase. However, on a PC only six out of ten searches lead to an actual sale. Tablets were half-way between these figures. Interestingly, even though