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  • These two facts about ‘clickbait’ will change the way you look at PR campaigns

    Clickbait is a term used to describe eye-catching links, which encourage people to click through to view a piece of content. Attracting as many visitors as possible is vital for selling advertising for most online publications and brands are always looking to get as many potential customers to visit their virtual store fronts as possible. Combine this with the trend for Twitter and LinkedIn increasingly being used to ‘sign-post’ to content and it’s easy to see why ‘clickbait’ is becoming an important art form. This has a knock on effect for PRs. Below are three stories from our Firewire news roundup last Monday, which

  • Worldwide TV Ad Spend will Reach $236 Billion in 2020

    The transition to digital marketing is still a huge challenge for many legacy marketers, so when they gain access to additional budget they choose to spend it on media that’s within their comfort-zone. For those with a traditional media buyer mind-set, that often translates into spending more on television advertising. Global TV advertising expenditure will reach $236 billion in 2020, up by 38 percent ($64 billion) from 2013 and up by 54 percent ($82 billion) on 2010, according to the latest market study by Digital TV Research. Regardless of the relatively poor ROI performance, TV ad spend is expected to

  • How to build a better business by solving better problems

    Think about it… the value of your work and the demand for your work are determined by the type of problems you solve. This is why one of the best ways to grow your business, is to: Look for better problems than those solved by your competitors. Create a solution to the problem. Offer the solution to your market place. You can do this by expanding the utility of an existing product or service you provide or by developing something new. It’s up to you. Both can work amazingly well. Is this easy? No. Is it worth it? Absolutely! This

  • THE HORROR: The Four Stages of Comms Facepalm

    We’ve all been there working in comms, marketing, web and PR… the ridiculous request that gets made of you that is dafter than a box of frogs. A request or a comment so ludicrous, so inane and so lacking in common sense that it takes all your considerable being to stop yourself from tipping over the desk and shouting loudly: “But that’s just… STOOPID!” But you don’t. You nod sagely and then think of a diplomatic answer while in your head you’ve tipped over the table. For my part I was really good at the diplomacy. Probably too good. But