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What is ‘The Conversation’?

The Conversation is powered by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and aims to consolidate all the best blogs about communications from across the web via one easy-to-consume website.

The Conversation couldn’t exist without its contributors – who we’d like to thank for either syndicating their existing blogs or write exclusively for the site.

The content of contributors’ blog posts does not necessarily reflect the CIPR’s views, nor does it mean the CIPR promotes or endorses the opinion of an individual contributor.

Who writes the posts for this website?

The content on the site is individually contributed by public relations, marketing and communications practitioners not directly affiliated to the CIPR.

Registered users syndicate the RSS feeds of their own blogs which then populate the site. The Conversation Team approves the RSS feeds of registered users.

For those without RSS feeds, you can register and post your own blogs through the native platform. These individual blog posts will be reviewed and moderated on a post-by-post basis.

How do you choose what posts to feature and share?

We do this according to how beneficial they will be to the public relations community as a whole. Please be aware that we get many posts every day and can only promote a small percentage of them.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Please contact conversation@cipr.co.uk if you have any further questions about The Conversation or need any support.


The content contained within this site is for the general viewing of visitors. No responsibility can be accepted for any use made of the information presented.

The CIPR does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or currency of the information on any CIPR website. If you use any information found on this website to make decisions or to take actions, you do so at your own risk and acknowledge that the information carries no warranty, express or implied.
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